Americana Outing

If you’re from the L.A area you would’ve heard of Americana by Brand (located in the heart of Glendale). I woke up Sunday during brunch time and my best friend (Ryu’s Godparent) had called me asking to hang out. He said he misses Ryu and so he wanted to pay a visit or go out pretty much anything I was up for. I should have known better than to take my chances going out that afternoon! The sun was scorching hot and I felt so bad for Ryu he was just sweating up a storm even with the AC on. Anyway, we headed for Americana while Romeo went to work. He decided to meet up with us after he was done. I had a great time just walking around minus the heat. It sort of sucks because I wasn’t able to get any pictures of Ryu running around outside Americana, just felt too damn hot.

I think that we’re probably just going to go back sometime when the weather starts to cool off. I’d really like to capture some photos of Ryu outdoors. I don’t get much of those so it would be nice to get some good ones. The fun part is that today Ryu had a photoshoot with 2 of his Godparents. I probably won’t be able to post up any of those pictures til they’re edited so hold on tight for that.

Here are the pictures from Americana.

Ryu w. his Ninong (Godfather) Jonathan.

We had to use the really old carseat because we forgot to ask Romeo to leave the toddler carseat before he left for work. Poor Ryu he was too big for the carseat, but he still managed to fall asleep.

After walking around Romeo finally had left work and decided to meet up with us to have lunch. Of course, we opted to have Cheesecake Factory since that’s Romeo’s favorite place to eat. It was really nice to see Ryu eat since he’s gotten pretty picky about food. It’s been so hard to find anything for him to eat that he enjoys besides french fries, lol. Jonathan had ordered broccoli and cheese soup and he enjoyed that dearly.

Ryu w. Daddy

Ryu knocked out after a long day

That was pretty much the day, there are more pictures I’m planning to post once I’m done editing. I just need to get everything organized. I had a good day with my family. It was really nice to finally have some quality time with Ryu outside of just hanging out at a friends place or just back and forth at the same places. I’m seriously thinking of doing more of these quality time moments every chance I get. I really get Ryu to myself on Mondays and Thursdays so expect tons of pictures!!