Ryu in Pink.

Lately, I’ve been taking pictures of Ryu at home. When I get home in the evening I think to myself, why not take pictures of Ryu. It doesn’t matter if he’s just home or if we’re not doing anything special. I realized that everyday Ryu’s changing before our eyes, and we’re too busy to notice his slight changes. I’m sure you other parents out there can relate to what I’m talking about. I honestly didn’t realize the changes in Ryu until I looked at some pictures at work today. It’s almost like he wasn’t the same baby that I gave birth to. His features are starting to really show and his face is starting to change as each day passes by. Sooner or later he’s going to be starting school and I’m going to ask myself where did the time go?

Btw, I’m absolutely loving this program I’m using to edit Ryu’s pictures. I honestly don’t care that they’re not the originals off the camera. I think it adds extra touch to the images. I’m also planning in investing in a better DSLR overtime. My SLR is crap now, but you can see that it’s just doing the job fine for me for the time being. I’m not going to complain because these can get really pricey.

Tank from some small shop (grandmother bought it), Diaper is Huggies, lol.

I’m not going to lie being new to this parenting still is crazy to me. There are still a lot that I’ve got to learn and this little man of mine here drives me insane. Although, I can’t help but love him more and more each day. When Romeo and I come home he just knows to run to us and give us the biggest kiss and hug ever! He’s absolutely my world; our world. We wouldn’t really be who we are if it weren’t for Ryu entering our lives.

Ryu did a photoshoot a couple days ago, but his Godparents still need to edit the pictures. I also took a couple pictures that I’ll probably share sometime next week. Have a great weekend!


Random Photo Op.

I was playing around with my crappy SLR, and realized not only am I bad at taking pictures of Ryu, but I’m also horrible at photo editing. Obviously with that comes skill, but I feel like I just don’t have the eye for this sort of hobby. It’s something I badly want to learn, but I know it’s experience and just equipment. Hopefully if I keep up just practicing I’ll sort of get a bit better with time. I’m still trying to find new programs to play around with so hopefully I can manage with what I have.

I did virtually realize that I completely suck at editing.. after looking at these pictures I was sort of disappointed. Oh, well I guess let’s see what lightroom can do for me. I’m popping that sucker in once I get home. I love following Nani’s blog because all she talks about her Sae. She also runs great pictures on her site of Sae and I’m envious of how well they turn out!

These are pictures taken at home of Ryu and I. I was bored and decided it was time to take out the crappy SLR and just play around with it. I told myself, crappy pictures or not the quality of the pictures of this camera was better than my regular digital camera. I also told myself that I needed to start taking pictures of Ryu on the regular and just get myself used to it. I realized that once I started doing that it almost because second nature for me to capture everything Ryu was doing. To be honest there were times I felt like a silly tourist, but it’s worth it in the end once Ryu get’s to see these pictures. Again, forgive me for the lack of talent I have when it comes to photo editing.

It’s actually quite funny because as I was taking pictures of Ryu I noticed that he would pose for the camera once in a while. It’s like he understands that I’m taking pictures of him and he honestly didn’t seem to mind me snapping away. I plan to do more random photos like these of Ryu and I was thinking of starting my “baby fashion” choices, but I’m not quite sure where I’m planning to blog that at.

Btw, my little man has his first photoshoot tomorrow with his Godparents who happen to be amateur photographers. I’m quite excited actually because it’s going to be so fun and so cute of Ryu. I’ve literally waited for a whole year for his Godparents to finally organize a shoot. I guess what makes it even better is that it’s an actual shoot just for Ryu. I’m definitely going to be taking my own pictures behind the scenes!