My Shoot w. Ryu

I mentioned I believe since last week that Ryu did a photoshoot with his Godparents. Unfortunately, I’m yet to see any of those pictures.. it’s nothing new to me they lag, LOL. Good thing I was able to take a couple pictures myself and I actually like the outcome of my pictures. I’ve actually seen the pictures that they took and I absolutely love them, but they were so unhappy with the outcome, which is stupid really. I don’t know if it’s because they’re perfectionists.. or they just see things differently.

Here are my pictures, enjoy! I definitely enjoyed taking these pictures of Ryu as well as editing them. I know they’re not perfect or original, but I love how they look. Sort of picture heavy.

Ryu w. Daddy

My little man

This pretty much concludes what I took that evening before the sun decided to set. I actually surprised myself with these photos. I mean of course everyone’s going to have those shots that were just out of focus or they hate, but I was really shocked with myself. These might not be the greatest photos, but I was very pleased with my pictures. I was thinking of possibly getting a T1I in the future or maybe a D90. I’m not sure just yet I’m probably going to do a bunch of research before anything.