Playtex Embrace Breast Pump System

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It’s probably a bit too late to do this review, but it’s better not than never. My best friend got me the pump as a gift since he knew I really needed it and I was just renting the pump I was using at home from our hospital. The hospital was charging a good $25.00USD a mo which wasn’t so bad, but it also wasn’t as high tech.

My experiences with using a breast pump I’d have to admit that in the beginning I didn’t see the point of getting a breast pump that was expensive. I also wasn’t even sure for how long would I have to pump so renting was fine for me. However, my best friend surprised me with a gift and purchased a breast pump for me. He told me that it was a good investment because I can keep the pump itself and it’s also reusable. I also can save it for future kids later on. He was smart, but the price tag on this baby doesn’t go cheap, and well as we parents know having children in general doesn’t come cheap.


  • You can purchase this at your local Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, or any online baby supply store.
  • Price tag for this sucker is $249.99USD.
  • Product Features:
  1. Double electric pump
  2. Soft comfort breast cups
  3. 5 levels of speed
  4. 5 levels of suction
  5. Breast cups are dishwasher safe


The Playtex? Embrace? Breast Pump System combines ultimate comfort with state-of-the-art efficiency, including a double electric pump, stylish tote bag, and all the accessories you need for long-term, daily pumping.

My input:

Honestly, besides the Medela pump that I used in the hospital that I got to take home I haven’t used anything else. The Medela pump that was provided for me looked old school and it wasn’t quite that comfortable. It just did what it had to do, and well I was getting used to the pain considering that I thought it was suppose to be that way. I didn’t pump for a very long time but enough for Ryu to be supplemented with the breast milk that I had. After Jonathan gave me the Playtex pump I was so much more comfortable with the process of pumping. I felt like compared to the hospital’s pump it was like heaven on your chest, haha. I seriously felt like it was worth the almost $300.00USD price tag. Now of course I didn’t have the funds to just dish out 300 bucks to go buy this product. I do however, suggest that if you’re having a baby shower that you request for a breast pump. It’s so helpful in the long run and what I love is that the whole system comes in a bag you can carry around in your car for easier access to do your business.

The bag is cute and simple and well you can do it in the privacy of your car if you have to. I still have the breast pump in good tact and I love that I have it. It’s easy storage and at any point that I do end up having more children in the future it’s going to definitely be well worth it.