At only a little over 2 months we decided to get Ryu baptized. To be honest I’m not even Catholic, and I’m only going with the idea because Romeo’s parents are visiting the U.S to meet Ryu for the first time. They are strongly religious and believes that Ryu should be baptized Catholic. Being a Christian it’s not far from my religion, but we decided to bless Ryu not long after he was born anyway. I guess it goes 50/50. This is the first time I was required to take some classes at the church we decided to get Ryu baptized at since it was the only church with the option of going with the program regardless whether I was Catholic or not. Some other churches seem to find a high amount of donation and counseling is required before I can get him baptized.

I should take pictures of the letters we had to make for Ryu when he gets older. I’m not sure if I should continue with Ryu getting confirmed, because as of this moment I’m not quite religious and I might even forget to get him confirmed. Again I’ll say I only did it for Romeo’s parents, because if I really had a choice I wouldn’t have gotten him baptized in a Catholic church.

The venue after the baptismal took place at Zen Buffet. Thanks to Romeo’s parents we were able to invite a good 50 close friends and relatives, but highly chosen to attend. We were low on funding and Zen wasn’t quite the cheapest place to have done the venue. However, it being a buffet already was good enough for all our guests. Thanks to everyone’s donations and kind gifts for Ryu’s baptismal. We highly appreciate it.

Again having Ryu’s Godparents as photographers has it’s perks. I was able to get great pictures from them. I love that they don’t mind or charge us for taking pictures of Ryu on his special moments.

The boy in white, lol

Romeo’s parents

My mom

Some of Ryu’s Godparents

I’m sure Ryu got frustrated and annoyed since there were so many people trying to hold him. I’m sure the last thing he wanted was everyone prying at him and trying to pick him up. He was so tired by the time we were done with the whole day. I apologize to all my other friends who weren’t invited. Due to our finances and it being mostly family we didn’t invite majority of our friends except the Godparents. We do feel very bad about not being able to invite everyone, but hope you guys can understand that we didn’t pay for the venue, so we were limited on inviting just anyone.


Baptism Videos

Here are a couple videos home movies from Ryu’s baptism. I’m still in the process of uploading a couple videos to youtube. They’re not edited or anything like that just enjoy raw, uncut, baptism film, lol.

The other videos are going to take a while to upload so please bare with what I’ve got here. Thanks again for enjoying watching Ryu grow up before our eyes.