Ryu’s 1st Bath

After bringing Ryu home we were advised to wait a couple weeks until giving Ryu his first bath. I guess different MD’s. advise differently for different children. However, I took the hospital’s suggestion and waited to do so. If anything we actually waited until Ryu’s umbilical cord fell off. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Filipino beliefs, but my grandmother and mother suggested that I waited as well. I guess so that Ryu doesn’t get sick and he gets used to the world at first. I was excited to give Ryu his first bath. Not that Ryu stunk or anything, but I’m sure all that gunk from being inside of me and just his skin irritation he was going to be relieved of all that funk.

I tried using pictures that censored Ryu’s tidbits since there are some odd, weird, nasty, pedo’s out there. Some weird people that actually get off of a child’s innocence. Anyway, back to what I was saying by looking at some of the pictures you probably could see some of Ryu’s eczema on his arms. He also had such bad scaly skin that was waiting to just fall off. I was very happy to pretty much scratch that off for him and just clean him off.

Here’s a video of Ryu and his first bath. Unfortunately, when I uploaded the video I sort of forgot to rotate it. I apologize for that inconvenience.

Ryu also had his circumcision the day after he was born. He was recovering and there was patches of skin pealing from his groin. I was trying to constantly wet it with water so that the skin would just fall off rather than us using the rag and rubbing it off. I think that would be far too painful and irritating to him.


1st Mo.

This is the first month we’ve had Ryu at home with us. Actually, we’re not even at home yet. After I gave birth I opted to stay at my mother’s apartment for the time being since I was recovering from my c-section. I definitely needed all the help that we can get. With Romeo working and going to school it was hard to do everything myself, especially with the transition of being a mother.

So far with the changes this month I fell under the category of having postpartum depression. I’m not sure how many new mother’s out there actually experience this, but I never thought I’d actually go through this. I’m actually still going through a tough transition and I don’t know how I’m going to get through all this, but however I do I’m just glad that I have all the support I have at home. I’ve come up with a list of things that I’m going through as a mother. I also made a list on what I’ve experienced with Ryu so far.

Motherly changes:

  • I instantly dropped 21 lbs. the first week of giving birth. I still have a long way to go considering that I’ve gained over 30 lbs of unwanted weight.
  • I’ve been taking Vicodin for the pain due to my C-Section and I feel like all I do is sleep and eat.
  • I don’t feel so pretty at the moment and I’m not sure if this is just my depression talking or my self-consciousness.
  • I don’t breastfeed I’ve tried pumping, but even then I gave up on that because I just don’t have the energy to do that.

Experiences w. Ryu:

  • Ryu isn’t like most babies. He doesn’t seem to cry so often. Only when he’s hungry or needs changing.
  • I have however, experienced Ryu crying countless nights.
  • Still getting the hang of changing diapers. Ryu’s constantly going through diapers left and right.
  • Ryu has a mild eye infection that we had to get treated good thing it’s going away.
  • Ryu tends to sweat a lot no matter if the AC is on or off he just seems to be a sweaty boy.
  • He can go through how many bottles of formula or breast milk a day.
  • Ryu has a mild case of eczema

Weeks Old..

After giving birth and being indoors for a couple weeks at home I eventually got bored and wanted to get out. I thought that it would be nice for Romeo’s cousins and who also happens to be Ryu’s Godparent to see Ryu that evening. We went to Burbank and decided to have dinner at CPK. At this point I was finally getting over all the pain from my C-SEC. and could finally walk around freely without anyone’s help.

Courtesy of Ninong Roland RBPhotography

After watching this video it just made me stare at Ryu like he’s not real. He looks like a doll so fake and just calm. Do you think he looks fake? Our Dr. tells us he’s above average in height and weight at the moment and well he just seems way too tiny to me. Oh Ryu you’re seriously such a doll I love it.