Flashback Friday; Ryu says “Green”

I’m glad that even if these clips are old that his Ninong (Godfather) is still making the effort to post it up. It gives me some type of compilation of what I’m missing out. My little man is growing so fast and sometimes I just can’t even believe he’s my baby. I still get sort of shocked from time to time thinking, “WOW! I’m a mother! I have this innocent life to take care of. I have this little person that I absolutely adore with all my heart”. Seriously, becoming a “new” parent is hard. The transition of taking care of a newborn being introduced to your life is life changing. Not knowing what’s next can become difficult, but it’s all a learning process. Sometimes we make mistakes, but that’s the beauty if it.

The pictures are all taken by his Ninong as well. These are some pictures taken before Ryu got his haircut.


What are you doing Ninong?

Here’s a video of Ryu. It’s not quite new, but it’s also not that old. His Godfather finally to put a video up of him and I’m glad cause it was unexpected of him to do it. Ryu is too cute trying to talk to his other Ninong (Godfather) Jay.

I’ll be posting once again I just need to find my battery for my camera. I’m not quite sure where Ryu misplaced it, but it’s somewhere at home. I really miss taking pictures of my babe considering that I’ve been out of the loop for a while now. I’ll probably be taking more of my time to go on ahead and update Ryu’s page since it’s the least I can do for his family members to see and look at.

Baptism Videos

Here are a couple videos home movies from Ryu’s baptism. I’m still in the process of uploading a couple videos to youtube. They’re not edited or anything like that just enjoy raw, uncut, baptism film, lol.

The other videos are going to take a while to upload so please bare with what I’ve got here. Thanks again for enjoying watching Ryu grow up before our eyes.

Weeks Old..

After giving birth and being indoors for a couple weeks at home I eventually got bored and wanted to get out. I thought that it would be nice for Romeo’s cousins and who also happens to be Ryu’s Godparent to see Ryu that evening. We went to Burbank and decided to have dinner at CPK. At this point I was finally getting over all the pain from my C-SEC. and could finally walk around freely without anyone’s help.

Courtesy of Ninong Roland RBPhotography

After watching this video it just made me stare at Ryu like he’s not real. He looks like a doll so fake and just calm. Do you think he looks fake? Our Dr. tells us he’s above average in height and weight at the moment and well he just seems way too tiny to me. Oh Ryu you’re seriously such a doll I love it.