Musically Inclined

Ryu’s at the age where he’s growing into his own person. I know he’s starting to pick and choose what he likes whether it’d be food, clothes, shoes, etc. I also am aware that as kids grow they’re brains are pretty much like sponges. They pick up on anything quite easily and they learn to register on a daily basis. Ryu’s at the age where between his father and I we both share a different taste and delight for music. I absolutely adore classical music, oldies, and some R&B (just to name a few genres). His father on the other hand loves hip hop and rap. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the music that he listens to, but for Ryu’s age I don’t think that it’s quite appropriate for him to listen to that kind of music. Obviously I’m already having a problem of trying to contain my “pirates” mouth around Ryu, adding on pretty violent music isn’t really the way to go. I’m not necessarily saying that hip hop and rap aren’t music, but for me I’d rather Ryu be exposed to something that can be quite stimulating and relaxing.

I want Ryu to be that child. I want him to be musically inclined and open minded to playing different type of instruments. I want him to see the beauty of music and how powerful it can really be. I’ve never been the type of person where my family forced me to play an instrument. If anything I’ve always been interested to try and when I did I guess you can say I failed miserably. Now I sort of regret not focusing myself with the violin or the piano. I want Ryu to have the option of being interested in whatever he wants. May that be the type of music his father listens to or what I listen to I just want him to fully understand and enjoy music the way we do.

What kind of music do you find appropriate for your child?



After seeing Cheechun’s site for her daughter Nai I realized that I too was in the same boat as she was. When I started Ryu’s site I should’ve started from the very beginning. Instead I just jumped right into blogging, which isn’t bad at all. However, I feel like I’m going to hate myself for not documenting the early stages of Ryu’s life and therefore I am going to be plugging in old posts on here. I feel like I owe it to myself and to Ryu to have something to look back later on since I’ve been lagging on putting together baby albums.

Thanks Cheechun for the idea of putting old posts up. I think it’s also a good way for other readers to see how we’ve raised our children through different stages of their lives.

Bare with me if you start seeing older posts if anything. Feel free to go back and read on them. I’d love your input on what I put up! 🙂

Shopping & 1st Haircut

I was very fortunate that during the week my boss had handed me  giftcard to Target with the amount of $200.ooUSD just as a gift for forgetting my birthday. I’m very thankful and lucky because that’s normal for my boss to give us gifts on our birthdays or even when they’re just in a very good mood. I decided that instead of buying anything for myself that Ryu deserved to get a bunch of brand new clothes and supplies since he needs it. The giftcard that was given to me is a big help considering that its letting me catch up with a couple bills and allows me a little leeway to spend on other things. Anyway, I was excited to go shopping for Ryu since it was about that time that I bought him clothes that were a good 1-3 size bigger than him. Shucks, I even bought clothes for a 2 yr. old just so he can wear it for a while and I usually do that when I shop for him. Kids tend to grow so fast that sometimes spending almost $20.00USD for a pair of jeans or shoes can be a waste if they don’t wear it for a while. Here are a couple of the items I picked out:

Infant Boys’ Cherokee® Blue Erie Wash Denim Jeans

Infant Toddler Boys’ Genuine Kids from OshKosh Grey Cuffed Denim Pants

Infant Toddler Boys’ Almost Black Track Jacket

I can’t seem to find the other hoodies or shirts that I bought at Target on the website. Anyway, I did buy him a couple other pairs of clothing that I thought would be great since the weather was starting to change (finally). I also got him a hat that I thought was super cute, and I’ll be posting some pictures of Ryu in one of his new outfits. If there’s one thing that I love it’s absolutely dressing Ryu, he’s so cute I just love that my baby boy looks like a little toddler now! He’s all grown up. To top oft the mini shopping over the weekend.. my friend and I went to go look around the mall on Monday and each of us bought Ryu a pair of shoes! Lately, I’ve been having this shoe crave for Ryu. I think I’ll be buying him a pair of Jordan’s next week!

from his Uncle Olah ❤

high tops converse.. my favorite for Ryu. ❤

When I came home with the boxes of shoes Ryu ran up to me and just yanked them from me. He was so happy about the shoes he kept smiling at me and opening the boxes. I’m not quite sure he gets that they’re gifts just yet, but he did know that they were for his feet, lol. He tried putting them on himself which was so cute. When I tried them on him he just sat down like a good boy and gave me his foot to put each shoe on.

On another note, Ryu got his first ever haircut over the weekend! I’m so glad that Ryu didn’t really give the hairdresser a problem. For the most part he sat like a really good boy in the chair and just sat there up until the end. I suppose he started to get a bit tired waiting. Here’s the Qik video that I took while he was getting his haircut. Sorry it’s not so clear, but on my phone it seemed fine.

I honestly, didn’t quite like how the hairdresser fixed his hair afterward, but it was a big change. I wasn’t used to seeing Ryu with such short hair let alone a semi-buzz cut. Romeo absolutely loved the cut! My mom dreaded it when we got home almost found her in tears because she’s so used to Ryu’s long hair. I told her hair is hair, it’ll eventually grow back. What I liked about Ryu getting his haircut was that he looks like a little boy now. I hate when others ask if Ryu’s a boy or girl, lol. At least now you can really distinguish that he’s a little boy. Here are some more pictures from the salon.

The good thing a lot of people are shocked why Ryu doesn’t cry when we put him through these first time situations. Honestly, we’re so blessed that Ryu barely cries. If he does it’s because he’s tired or finally irritated. Otherwise, he’s a very social, talkative little boy. I don’t know how that’s come about considering when he was younger I never liked anyone touching him, haha. I guess different kids, different strokes? He has his moments and I’m glad that at this point he can tolerate and make life a little bit easier for us. You’d be surprised too when he gets shots he actually just sits there up until he gets it he cries quietly. Eventually, he just knocks out. I love Ryu and I’d love him even if he was a loud little boy!

Here is Ryu’s outfit over the weekend.

Ryu and Daddy

Excluding the Mario hat, lol


Long sleeved thermal top – Target

Plaid short sleeved button down – JC Penny

Gray fitted skinny jeans – Target

Zip Paul Frank Jacket – Target

Allstar toddler converse – Target


Sippy cup me..

Instead of just posting random pictures I actually wanted to write about Ryu’s transition into using a sippy cup rather than a bottle. His pediatrician had advised that Ryu should completely be off the bottle by the time he turns a year old. Honestly, it’s sort of our fault why we’re taking our precious time. Ryu’s 15 mo. old and he’s still on the bottle. The funny part is that if you give Ryu a sippy cup he knows how to drink out of it and he’s not quite picky. However, in the evenings when he knows he’s about to sleep is really the only time he gets fussy for a bottle. I’ve bought him different cups that could possibly appeal to him with colors and characters. The problem is Ryu actually would rather drink out of a normal cup with help rather than trying to suck his juice out of a sippy cup since he struggles with a hard top.

I guess the good part about the experience is that we’re slowly trying to transition Ryu into using a cup properly. He doesn’t seem to be struggling too much which is good. Below are a few tops I read online that’ll help push your child to use a cup rather than a bottle enjoy.

This all comes from

Some babies take to a sippy cup immediately; others take a while to get used to the idea. Here are some tips on making the transition easier:

  • Start off with a soft, pliable, nipplelike spout, which will feel more familiar to your baby than a hard plastic spout.
  • Show your baby how to raise the cup to his mouth and tip it up to drink.
  • Give it some time. Until your baby masters the maneuvers, you may want to put only water in the cup. When he shakes or throws it, even a sippy might not keep purple grape juice from hitting the carpet.
  • Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t use the sippy cup properly for a while. It makes a fine toy, too!
  • Try different models until you find one that suits your baby. Some cups have valves that are so effective at keeping the liquid from spilling that children really have to work to get a drink.
  • Encourage your child to use a regular cup when you think he’s ready.

Hope that’s of any help to you other mommies out there going through the same thing I am with Ryu.


At only a little over 2 months we decided to get Ryu baptized. To be honest I’m not even Catholic, and I’m only going with the idea because Romeo’s parents are visiting the U.S to meet Ryu for the first time. They are strongly religious and believes that Ryu should be baptized Catholic. Being a Christian it’s not far from my religion, but we decided to bless Ryu not long after he was born anyway. I guess it goes 50/50. This is the first time I was required to take some classes at the church we decided to get Ryu baptized at since it was the only church with the option of going with the program regardless whether I was Catholic or not. Some other churches seem to find a high amount of donation and counseling is required before I can get him baptized.

I should take pictures of the letters we had to make for Ryu when he gets older. I’m not sure if I should continue with Ryu getting confirmed, because as of this moment I’m not quite religious and I might even forget to get him confirmed. Again I’ll say I only did it for Romeo’s parents, because if I really had a choice I wouldn’t have gotten him baptized in a Catholic church.

The venue after the baptismal took place at Zen Buffet. Thanks to Romeo’s parents we were able to invite a good 50 close friends and relatives, but highly chosen to attend. We were low on funding and Zen wasn’t quite the cheapest place to have done the venue. However, it being a buffet already was good enough for all our guests. Thanks to everyone’s donations and kind gifts for Ryu’s baptismal. We highly appreciate it.

Again having Ryu’s Godparents as photographers has it’s perks. I was able to get great pictures from them. I love that they don’t mind or charge us for taking pictures of Ryu on his special moments.

The boy in white, lol

Romeo’s parents

My mom

Some of Ryu’s Godparents

I’m sure Ryu got frustrated and annoyed since there were so many people trying to hold him. I’m sure the last thing he wanted was everyone prying at him and trying to pick him up. He was so tired by the time we were done with the whole day. I apologize to all my other friends who weren’t invited. Due to our finances and it being mostly family we didn’t invite majority of our friends except the Godparents. We do feel very bad about not being able to invite everyone, but hope you guys can understand that we didn’t pay for the venue, so we were limited on inviting just anyone.