Long Overdue Photoshoot.

I have been promising to post of pictures of Ryu and his photoshoot. Unfortunately, only one of his Godparents were able to post some of the pictures up. Honestly, I love the pictures that they took, but being “amateur photographers” they get really serious about the images they take and well they become picky and perfectionists. I’m just lucky enough that one of his Godparents found that they had some great shots of Ryu. I really appreciate that he posted them up. Please do enjoy the pictures. There’s quite a few so hope you can bare the loading process.

Thank you Ninong (Godfather) Roland! I absolutely loved the photos they he took of Ryu! Seriously I’m so glad that Ryu absolutely LOVES and when I say “loves” I stress it when he gets his picture taken. Ryu’s face lights up when he gets to see his picture in the little LCD behind that camera.


  • Greaser Shirt – from Uncle Dre as a birthday present
  • Skinny Jeans – H&M
  • Skull Slip-On Shoes – Payless Shoe Source Sz. 5

I sort of wish I actually entered Ryu in G.A.P’s search for models. I was thinking of entering him, but for some reason I was waiting on these pictures, and it completely slipped my mind to enter him. It’s alright there will be new opportunities for Ryu in the future. I’m just glad my little man is enjoying himself when he takes pictures and that it comes natural to him.


My Shoot w. Ryu

I mentioned I believe since last week that Ryu did a photoshoot with his Godparents. Unfortunately, I’m yet to see any of those pictures.. it’s nothing new to me they lag, LOL. Good thing I was able to take a couple pictures myself and I actually like the outcome of my pictures. I’ve actually seen the pictures that they took and I absolutely love them, but they were so unhappy with the outcome, which is stupid really. I don’t know if it’s because they’re perfectionists.. or they just see things differently.

Here are my pictures, enjoy! I definitely enjoyed taking these pictures of Ryu as well as editing them. I know they’re not perfect or original, but I love how they look. Sort of picture heavy.

Ryu w. Daddy

My little man

This pretty much concludes what I took that evening before the sun decided to set. I actually surprised myself with these photos. I mean of course everyone’s going to have those shots that were just out of focus or they hate, but I was really shocked with myself. These might not be the greatest photos, but I was very pleased with my pictures. I was thinking of possibly getting a T1I in the future or maybe a D90. I’m not sure just yet I’m probably going to do a bunch of research before anything.

Ryu’s 1st Birthday

Ryu’s birthday lands on July 28. However, we decided to go on and celebrate his birthday on 2 occasions. We opted to have his birthday dinner at our favorite Pho place with close friends and family. We then decided to throw him his 1st birthday party at the same park I had my baby shower at (Lake Balboa Park).

At the pho place Ryu had pho broth and vegetables from his dad’s chicken fried rice. What I absolutely love about Ryu is that he’s not much of a picky eater. You can sort of let him try anything and he’ll try it and eat it. I mean of course there are some things he doesn’t enjoy eating, but for a kid at his age I’m glad that’s he’s not super picky.

I still need to upload the rest of the pictures. I thought that I had uploaded them on to FB, but I guess I haven’t done so. Honestly, I also realized that not all my images are watermarked, but that’s cause I just upload them on to FB. Btw, thanks to all our friends who showed up to Ryu’s birthday dinner last minute. It probably wasn’t the best dinner, but he was having an actual birthday party so this was just for something we can enjoy as a family.

Ryu’s Birthday Party

Ryu had his 1st birthday party at Lake Balboa Park (where we had my baby shower at). This time around we were able to reserve for a bungalow which made things a bit easier for us. We even decided to rent a cotton candy machine, jumper, and shaved ice machine. I thought that it was actually pretty awesome that we were able to afford all that for Ryu. Thanks to the help of my grandparents, sister, and mother we were able to do it all. I was very pleased with how Ryu’s birthday turned out.

Our theme for his birthday was Pixars “UP”. I tried my best to try finding an outfit that almost resembled Russel’s outfit in the movie. Unfortunately, Ryu didn’t have short hair at the time nor could I find a costume or badges for his birthday outfit. I even tried finding him a backpack just cause Russell had one. This was the closest I got, haha. He had a hat too, but he kept taking it off, lol.

Again, thanks to Ninong Roland for taking pictures. I also wanted to compliment and thanks to Tita Melanie for baking Ryu’s awesome cake.

I loved Ryu’s birthday it was a huge turnout. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to my family and friends that helped us out. I really enjoyed setting everything up for Ryu even if it was a little bit hectic. It was a nice big birthday bash for Ryu’s 1st event. I’m hoping to do something like this when he’s a bit older. I’m hoping to do something like this when he’s 5 when he can actually tell me what he wants to do for his birthday party and invite his set of friends. Otherwise, next year we’re probably just going to take him to Disneyland.

Lake Balboa