12 mo. milestone

  • He can drink whole milk now
  • He fully walks
  • Talks in jibberish
  • Has a full sleeping schedule
  • He eats practically anything

11 mo. milestone

  • Ryu can fully walk
  • He can fully crawl
  • He talking jibberish
  • He loves his cookies
  • He can pick up tons of heavy items for his age
  • Fully eat solids

10 mo. milestone

  • Ryu can walk in short steps
  • He’d rather eat solid food than baby food
  • Can drink from a sippy cup
  • Almost done with formula
  • He can barely crawl (yes, I do know he’s behind on this)

9 mo. old milestone

  • Ryu understands what ‘NO” means
  • He can grab things and play
  • He can grab your attention
  • He knows what beautiful eyes; high five; and clap your hands mean
  • He tries to walk on his own
  • He can stand on his own
  • He can eat softer solid foods
  • He fully says ma ma and da da

8 mo. milestone

Happy 8 mo. to my little man


Happy 2 yr. anniversary to Romeo and I

  • Ryu can sit properly on his own
  • He can scoot himself, but not quite there with the crawling
  • He says “ma ma” and “da da”
  • Giggles and smiles a lot
  • Proper sleeping routine in the evenings
  • Ryu can stand on his own
  • He can slowly drink out of a sippy cup
  • He’s still drinking formula, and I can’t wait to start giving him whole milk
  • He doesn’t use a pacifier ever which is good.
  • He loves his soup!

7 mo. old milestones

Ryu can fully pull himself up at this point. He tends to drop himself back down, but nothing too serious. I don’t think Ryu’s ever going to crawl he’s not quite allowed to gallivant on the carpet since my mother thinks it’s just always dirty. I feel like that’s the one thing Ryu will slowly progress with. By far he’s been teething since I last mentioned and there has been mild fevers here and there, but nothing serious that Children’s Tylenol can’t handle. His skin is finally starting to clear up which is a miracle considering he does have eczema. Ryu’s hair is also very thin and it seems like his hair is just growing in the craziest directions. At 7 mo. being a new mother I’m not sure what to expect and the only thing I can do is research online on what to expect at my son’s age. It’s kind of crazy because sometimes I feel like he’s not progressing as fast if anything, but I have to remember he’s just a child.

6 mo. old milestones

Happy 6. months!!

  • Ryu can roll around now
  • Still can’t crawl
  • He can sit up nicely supporting himself
  • He likes chewing or biting on soft snacks
  • Loves the mirror
  • Notices his toys
  • Can distinguish the words “mom mom” or “da da”