I feel bad that I’ve been away from blogging on here for Ryu’s sake and for my sake trying to organize everything on here. Aside from Ryu misplacing the battery to my camera being the reason why I haven’t posted there’s been a lot of problems at home. I’m not quite sure if this would be the perfect place to share all of this considering this blog is mainly about Ryu. However, I think that because this does involve Ryu I thought that it might be sort of soothing to share with you all what’s been going on.

I’m not sure how many of you are single parents out there, but it sure is hard to be new to the idea of being one. Ryu’s father and I have been separated for a good 6-7 mo. now and well we’re trying to make the best out of it. The hardest part of this all is we still do live together for financial reasons. At this moment we’ve decided (or at least he did) that he’s going to venture off within the next 3 months and to pretty much get myself ready to do things on my own. We’re trying to figure out how we’re going to divide the time for Ryu because this just seems far worst than a normal breakup or divorce. Having any type of separation with children involved makes the situation much more difficult. I think in the beginning of it all I was being unreasonable to give Romeo and type of custody to see his son due to my pain and selfishness. To make a long story short, I gave in and he and I are trying to be civil and it takes baby steps to be friends. I think we’re slowly getting there, but of course it took a lot from my part to calm down and look at it from a realistic point of view. I can’t be selfish at least not when it comes to my son. As much as I want to take him away from his father I have absolutely no reason to. Romeo’s a great dad and he will continue to remain and be in Ryu’s life and in my life. Therefore, being friends would be the easiest way to do so.

At this point I’ve got to figure out what typical single parents do:

  • Job?
  • Housing?
  • Transportation?
  • Childcare?
  • Expenses?

I have to think about all of that in a span of 3 months. I need to buckle down and start somewhere. Things might not be perfect, but the holidays are coming up. I need to make the best out of this difficult situation for my son. It’s not his fault his parents aren’t meant to be together and can’t seem to find a solid ground together. However, what his parents can provide is two happy homes that’s going to love him twice as much!

If you all relate or need some advice I’d love to talk. I’d love to know what other single mommies out there are doing. How they got through tough times alone?



I’ve been behind on posting on here and I feel so bad. I feel like I could’ve at least put some effort in posting a picture a day or something. However, I’ve just really been busy with this month. There has been tons of birthdays and dinners to go to that I’m still trying to catch up with the pictures. I’ve made tons of effort to take pictures of Ryu every other day or at least a couple days a week. My friends have also taken pictures of Ryu, but of course they lag giving me any pictures since they feel like they have edit it first before anything.

My birthday was last week and I just wanted to share a small outting my friends and I had before my birthday. They took me out to lunch with Ryu and then off we strolled around Chinatown. I didn’t get many pictures throughout the day, but I’ll share with you the pictures I have of Ryu and I. It was such such a nice small birthday lunch that I felt like I got to just spend time with some of my favorite people and of course my one and only love life at the moment.

To be honest I don’t think I could’ve spent my whole birthday week. My friends definitely made it such a great experience for me this year. I also enjoyed the fact that Ryu is more than a year old now and so he can walk and just enjoy life around him with me. I absolutely love that I got to spend my first year without having to go out with just my friends and drink all night for my birthday. I think this is the first year that’s made me truly realize that I’m definitely a mother now and all I want is to spend as much time with my son. Ryu definitely made my life so much more worth living. He’s definitely the apple to my eyes and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much more blessed in my life.

Ryu picking his nose while I was taking a picture with him, lol

a shirt his Uncle Olah gave him

I had such a good time just just spending quality time with friends and my little man. I can’t wait til next year and I’m hoping to get even better quality pictures by then. I love you little man and than you for making my birthday experience this year much more spiritual and emotionally mind boggling for me.