Completely new to the mommyblogging world

Alright, if you all don’t quite know who I am yet my name is Abby. I’m in my early twenties and mother to a young year old baby boy. I pretty much started this website in due time to capture my son grow up (don’t believe in scrapbooks I guess, lol). Actually If you’re barely following me I own a previous website ( where I do all my personal blogging. I decided to divide most of the blogging when it comes to Ryu just so that I can really keep track of all the pictures and what’s happening in my family’s life.

Okay, enough about me, but more on to Ryu. He’s my pride and joy and he was born on July 28, 2009 which makes him 14 months old now. I have tons of pictures documenting parts of his first year, but I’ve also missed out on a couple months. I guess after a whole year passed I soon realized that the only thing that keeps me going with the pictures is if I can instantly post them somewhere. That’s what made me come up with the blog. If you’d like to read up more about my pregnancy and Ryu’s first year you can definitely check out the post I made on my main blog (CLICK HERE). I hope that you enjoy the journey I take you to with Ryu’s progress growing up and all the situations I face being a new mother.

I don’t think that I’ll actually be blogging once a day if anything I’ll blog as much as I want in a day so nothing will be consistent on here. Please feel free to reach out to me for any types of advice, questions, or comments! I’d love to hear from other parents out there.


Welcome Ryu

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 🙂

Ryu Romeo De La Cruz

July 28, 2009 @ 6:35 p.m

Kaiser Hospital via C-SEC.

21″ long and 6 lbs. 16 oz.

It’s completely indescribable to define how it really feels to have given birth to Ryu. Of course being on all the meds that was given to me I surely was drugged up. I think after a brief moment I then got my thoughts together and thought to myself this is a big miracle and blessing to me and my family. I don’t think I’d ever feel this way about anyone or anything, and well I completely fell in love with Ryu. I didn’t believe in love at first site, but once you have a kid you’ll realize and understand what I mean. The feeling was just unbelievable. Enjoy some pictures taken after Ryu was born and still in the hospital.

Having your baby’s Godparents as amateur photographers help a lot. I wasn’t quite documented through my labor because everyone sort of left me at the hospital while I was resting to get everything else at home situated before they got back. To top off the emergency C-SEC. they sprung on me and Romeo. Everything got sort of hectic. I was so excited, and scared at the same time.

From these pictures you can tell Romeo and I had a seriously long night. I had a super long and painful labor. Honestly speaking the epidural barely worked up until I finally went to have a C-SEC. I’m hoping the next time I have another child that I’ll be much more prepared and relaxed. I’m hoping the next time I give birth to another child that I have full control of the situation rather than just going along with whatever is happening. Otherwise, I can’t believe Ryu is here, I definitely can’t even imagine what’s next on the list for us.

It’ll be long crying nights we’re not used to, but bring it on Ryu.. we love you that much, lol