Flashback Friday

I figured since it seems like it’s been a while that I’ve posted on here that anything can be considered for a “Flashback Friday” post. It’s definitely been a while and for some reason I feel like I’ve neglected posting anything for Ryu, but that’s not really the case. With the Holidays towards the end of the year and with so much happening in our home lives I’ve just been sort of busy trying to organize everything. I’m still in the process of trying to plug in old posts on here just for my sake of having something keeping track of Ryu’s life. It’s nice to be able to look back on his growth and of course the moments we share together as a family.

Let’s start with the Flashback Friday.. I’m going way back and let’s start from Christmas. I’m glad Ryu had a successful Christmas! Seriously, I don’t really care whether I receive any gifts as long as my son get’s the proper Christmas he deserves. He got tons of gifts from our friends and family and he’s absolutely enjoying all his brand new toys. He’s so spoiled he even got a basketball set this Christmas courtesy of my mother. I’ll post pictures of that once he’s feeling much better. Here’s are pictures from our Christmas Eve.

I was very happy that Ryu got the concept of Christmas (well sort of). I don’t think that I’ve ever felt so much more excited for Ryu having to have this wonderful holiday. I love that he got to spend time with his grandparents and with just family in general. Lately, it just seems like our family is quite dysfunctional, but honestly what family isn’t? I was just glad that for one evening we can all put our problems aside and just enjoy the moment.

Here are a couple pictures of my baby.




After seeing Cheechun’s site for her daughter Nai I realized that I too was in the same boat as she was. When I started Ryu’s site I should’ve started from the very beginning. Instead I just jumped right into blogging, which isn’t bad at all. However, I feel like I’m going to hate myself for not documenting the early stages of Ryu’s life and therefore I am going to be plugging in old posts on here. I feel like I owe it to myself and to Ryu to have something to look back later on since I’ve been lagging on putting together baby albums.

Thanks Cheechun for the idea of putting old posts up. I think it’s also a good way for other readers to see how we’ve raised our children through different stages of their lives.

Bare with me if you start seeing older posts if anything. Feel free to go back and read on them. I’d love your input on what I put up! 🙂

Pumpkin Patch 2010

The day before Halloween I decided to meet up with a couple friends to have a little play date with Ryu and the other little babies. Ryu’s the eldest from kids and either way Ryu was quite intrigued to be hanging out with them. I opted on taking a couple pictures that I absolutely adored. This is the first official time that I’ve taken Ryu to a Pumpkin Patch (heck it’s the first time I’ve ever been to one). It rained that morning so everything in the area was quite muddy, and well putting Ryu down sort of was a bad idea he was slipping everywhere he walked. I know your children are suppose to get dirty, but I didn’t expect it to be muddy that morning since I didn’t even know it rained. I would’ve dressed Ryu in much warmer clothes and shoes that I didn’t care much for. The last thing I wanted was a pair of new corduroy’s or converse getting messed up by mud. It’s alright though, I still had a good time spending time with the ladies and Romeo. Our other friend ran late so we weren’t able to see her or hang out.

It’s pretty much a mash up of images, so please be patient and enjoy all the pictures I took that morning.

If you’ve noticed.. in previous pictures whether it’d be on here or on my FB most of the pictures Ryu has he’s wearing this Mickey Mouse sweater. Honestly, I love it on him and I absolutely am thankful that Mykka gave it to us. The sweater fits him perfectly. Honestly, Ryu wasn’t so thrilled about the Pumpkin Patch just because we didn’t want him to walk around so much, hence the mud. We decided to put him in his stroller which he absolutely hates and well that kind of made him frustrated. My little boy is no longer a little boy.. he’s turning into my little man where you can tell he wants to be independent and do things on his own.


  • Sweater from H&M
  • Corduroy Pants from Macy’s
  • Shoes from Target by AllStar Converse

I’ll post some Halloween pictures as soon I get situated and transfer them to my computer at home. Ciao!