Ryu’s 1st Birthday

Ryu’s birthday lands on July 28. However, we decided to go on and celebrate his birthday on 2 occasions. We opted to have his birthday dinner at our favorite Pho place with close friends and family. We then decided to throw him his 1st birthday party at the same park I had my baby shower at (Lake Balboa Park).

At the pho place Ryu had pho broth and vegetables from his dad’s chicken fried rice. What I absolutely love about Ryu is that he’s not much of a picky eater. You can sort of let him try anything and he’ll try it and eat it. I mean of course there are some things he doesn’t enjoy eating, but for a kid at his age I’m glad that’s he’s not super picky.

I still need to upload the rest of the pictures. I thought that I had uploaded them on to FB, but I guess I haven’t done so. Honestly, I also realized that not all my images are watermarked, but that’s cause I just upload them on to FB. Btw, thanks to all our friends who showed up to Ryu’s birthday dinner last minute. It probably wasn’t the best dinner, but he was having an actual birthday party so this was just for something we can enjoy as a family.


Weeks Old..

After giving birth and being indoors for a couple weeks at home I eventually got bored and wanted to get out. I thought that it would be nice for Romeo’s cousins and who also happens to be Ryu’s Godparent to see Ryu that evening. We went to Burbank and decided to have dinner at CPK. At this point I was finally getting over all the pain from my C-SEC. and could finally walk around freely without anyone’s help.

Courtesy of Ninong Roland RBPhotography

After watching this video it just made me stare at Ryu like he’s not real. He looks like a doll so fake and just calm. Do you think he looks fake? Our Dr. tells us he’s above average in height and weight at the moment and well he just seems way too tiny to me. Oh Ryu you’re seriously such a doll I love it.