Flashback Friday

I figured since it seems like it’s been a while that I’ve posted on here that anything can be considered for a “Flashback Friday” post. It’s definitely been a while and for some reason I feel like I’ve neglected posting anything for Ryu, but that’s not really the case. With the Holidays towards the end of the year and with so much happening in our home lives I’ve just been sort of busy trying to organize everything. I’m still in the process of trying to plug in old posts on here just for my sake of having something keeping track of Ryu’s life. It’s nice to be able to look back on his growth and of course the moments we share together as a family.

Let’s start with the Flashback Friday.. I’m going way back and let’s start from Christmas. I’m glad Ryu had a successful Christmas! Seriously, I don’t really care whether I receive any gifts as long as my son get’s the proper Christmas he deserves. He got tons of gifts from our friends and family and he’s absolutely enjoying all his brand new toys. He’s so spoiled he even got a basketball set this Christmas courtesy of my mother. I’ll post pictures of that once he’s feeling much better. Here’s are pictures from our Christmas Eve.

I was very happy that Ryu got the concept of Christmas (well sort of). I don’t think that I’ve ever felt so much more excited for Ryu having to have this wonderful holiday. I love that he got to spend time with his grandparents and with just family in general. Lately, it just seems like our family is quite dysfunctional, but honestly what family isn’t? I was just glad that for one evening we can all put our problems aside and just enjoy the moment.

Here are a couple pictures of my baby.



Happy Birthday Ninong Roland (Godfather)

Happy Birthday Ninong (Godfather) Roland!! He’s finally 27! We’re thankful that we got invited to his dinner and of course we had to bring the little munchkin with us. We went to a buffet and boy did Ryu eat a whole bunch! I’m so proud of him because he actually enjoyed all the different types of food that I was feeding him. He thoroughly enjoyed some sauteed mushrooms which happens to be mommy’s favorite as well!

That evening Ryu and I came from a previous engagement with his other Godparent. Ryu just had a blast roaming around with other children so going to dinner with our friends was a change in the environment for him. He loves all our friends and therefore, he ran around like crazy with tons of smiles and kisses. I’m very glad Ryu isn’t the type of child that doesn’t easily get scared off by people. I mean at the same time that can be a bad thing, so we’ll just have to teach him about strangers, lol.

Here are a couple pictures taken by his Ninong Jay (http://jayjayn.com).


Long sleeved undershirt from Target

Roll up plaid button down from H&M

Cargo Pants from Baby G.A.P

Beige snow boots from Baby G.A.P

I noticed that my baby isn’t quite a baby anymore. He’s more of a growing little boy, and eventually he’ll be a man. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. He’s all about them big boy clothes and shoes! To top off the fact that he’s just sporting a really short boy cut. Ahh, he’s growing up way too fast!

Ryu’s 1st Birthday

Ryu’s birthday lands on July 28. However, we decided to go on and celebrate his birthday on 2 occasions. We opted to have his birthday dinner at our favorite Pho place with close friends and family. We then decided to throw him his 1st birthday party at the same park I had my baby shower at (Lake Balboa Park).

At the pho place Ryu had pho broth and vegetables from his dad’s chicken fried rice. What I absolutely love about Ryu is that he’s not much of a picky eater. You can sort of let him try anything and he’ll try it and eat it. I mean of course there are some things he doesn’t enjoy eating, but for a kid at his age I’m glad that’s he’s not super picky.

I still need to upload the rest of the pictures. I thought that I had uploaded them on to FB, but I guess I haven’t done so. Honestly, I also realized that not all my images are watermarked, but that’s cause I just upload them on to FB. Btw, thanks to all our friends who showed up to Ryu’s birthday dinner last minute. It probably wasn’t the best dinner, but he was having an actual birthday party so this was just for something we can enjoy as a family.

Ryu’s Birthday Party

Ryu had his 1st birthday party at Lake Balboa Park (where we had my baby shower at). This time around we were able to reserve for a bungalow which made things a bit easier for us. We even decided to rent a cotton candy machine, jumper, and shaved ice machine. I thought that it was actually pretty awesome that we were able to afford all that for Ryu. Thanks to the help of my grandparents, sister, and mother we were able to do it all. I was very pleased with how Ryu’s birthday turned out.

Our theme for his birthday was Pixars “UP”. I tried my best to try finding an outfit that almost resembled Russel’s outfit in the movie. Unfortunately, Ryu didn’t have short hair at the time nor could I find a costume or badges for his birthday outfit. I even tried finding him a backpack just cause Russell had one. This was the closest I got, haha. He had a hat too, but he kept taking it off, lol.

Again, thanks to Ninong Roland for taking pictures. I also wanted to compliment and thanks to Tita Melanie for baking Ryu’s awesome cake.

I loved Ryu’s birthday it was a huge turnout. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to my family and friends that helped us out. I really enjoyed setting everything up for Ryu even if it was a little bit hectic. It was a nice big birthday bash for Ryu’s 1st event. I’m hoping to do something like this when he’s a bit older. I’m hoping to do something like this when he’s 5 when he can actually tell me what he wants to do for his birthday party and invite his set of friends. Otherwise, next year we’re probably just going to take him to Disneyland.

Lake Balboa


At only a little over 2 months we decided to get Ryu baptized. To be honest I’m not even Catholic, and I’m only going with the idea because Romeo’s parents are visiting the U.S to meet Ryu for the first time. They are strongly religious and believes that Ryu should be baptized Catholic. Being a Christian it’s not far from my religion, but we decided to bless Ryu not long after he was born anyway. I guess it goes 50/50. This is the first time I was required to take some classes at the church we decided to get Ryu baptized at since it was the only church with the option of going with the program regardless whether I was Catholic or not. Some other churches seem to find a high amount of donation and counseling is required before I can get him baptized.

I should take pictures of the letters we had to make for Ryu when he gets older. I’m not sure if I should continue with Ryu getting confirmed, because as of this moment I’m not quite religious and I might even forget to get him confirmed. Again I’ll say I only did it for Romeo’s parents, because if I really had a choice I wouldn’t have gotten him baptized in a Catholic church.

The venue after the baptismal took place at Zen Buffet. Thanks to Romeo’s parents we were able to invite a good 50 close friends and relatives, but highly chosen to attend. We were low on funding and Zen wasn’t quite the cheapest place to have done the venue. However, it being a buffet already was good enough for all our guests. Thanks to everyone’s donations and kind gifts for Ryu’s baptismal. We highly appreciate it.

Again having Ryu’s Godparents as photographers has it’s perks. I was able to get great pictures from them. I love that they don’t mind or charge us for taking pictures of Ryu on his special moments.

The boy in white, lol

Romeo’s parents

My mom

Some of Ryu’s Godparents

I’m sure Ryu got frustrated and annoyed since there were so many people trying to hold him. I’m sure the last thing he wanted was everyone prying at him and trying to pick him up. He was so tired by the time we were done with the whole day. I apologize to all my other friends who weren’t invited. Due to our finances and it being mostly family we didn’t invite majority of our friends except the Godparents. We do feel very bad about not being able to invite everyone, but hope you guys can understand that we didn’t pay for the venue, so we were limited on inviting just anyone.

Baptism Videos

Here are a couple videos home movies from Ryu’s baptism. I’m still in the process of uploading a couple videos to youtube. They’re not edited or anything like that just enjoy raw, uncut, baptism film, lol.

The other videos are going to take a while to upload so please bare with what I’ve got here. Thanks again for enjoying watching Ryu grow up before our eyes.

Baby Shower

I had the greatest baby shower ever! I honestly didn’t expect so many people to come, but I’m sure glad that they did. I got to fully enjoy my pregnancy on this day and having family and friends to join on the festivities with me makes it much better. I had to wake up bright and early with my mom to set up camp since we were unfortunate about reserving a bungalow. It was alright though didn’t bother me so much. However, my mom was sort of irritated because she was trying to be on time with all the cooking and preparations and well she was still running extremely late. I couldn’t thank my family enough for throwing me such a great baby shower! Being 8 mo. pregnant was really not the deal for having a baby shower out in the heat, but like  trooper I decided to just go with it anyway.

Here are a couple pictures from the shower. I’ve got tons of pictures, but I’m only posting a few just cause I’m way too lazy to put the rest of them up in any type of album.

Cake my grandmother got us, lol she put Romy instead of ROMEO

Mommy and Daddy

I had a great baby shower. My mom threw all these games that they won little prizes here and there. I also wanted to thank all my friends and family for the wonderful gifts that they gave us including the money we received. It honestly will help us a lot get prepped for Ryu’s arrival. It’s been a blessing having our friends and family support Romeo and I through all of this. We couldn’t ask for better people in our lives.