What are you doing Ninong?

Here’s a video of Ryu. It’s not quite new, but it’s also not that old. His Godfather finally to put a video up of him and I’m glad cause it was unexpected of him to do it. Ryu is too cute trying to talk to his other Ninong (Godfather) Jay.

I’ll be posting once again I just need to find my battery for my camera. I’m not quite sure where Ryu misplaced it, but it’s somewhere at home. I really miss taking pictures of my babe considering that I’ve been out of the loop for a while now. I’ll probably be taking more of my time to go on ahead and update Ryu’s page since it’s the least I can do for his family members to see and look at.


12 mo. milestone

  • He can drink whole milk now
  • He fully walks
  • Talks in jibberish
  • Has a full sleeping schedule
  • He eats practically anything

Ryu’s Birthday Party

Ryu had his 1st birthday party at Lake Balboa Park (where we had my baby shower at). This time around we were able to reserve for a bungalow which made things a bit easier for us. We even decided to rent a cotton candy machine, jumper, and shaved ice machine. I thought that it was actually pretty awesome that we were able to afford all that for Ryu. Thanks to the help of my grandparents, sister, and mother we were able to do it all. I was very pleased with how Ryu’s birthday turned out.

Our theme for his birthday was Pixars “UP”. I tried my best to try finding an outfit that almost resembled Russel’s outfit in the movie. Unfortunately, Ryu didn’t have short hair at the time nor could I find a costume or badges for his birthday outfit. I even tried finding him a backpack just cause Russell had one. This was the closest I got, haha. He had a hat too, but he kept taking it off, lol.

Again, thanks to Ninong Roland for taking pictures. I also wanted to compliment and thanks to Tita Melanie for baking Ryu’s awesome cake.

I loved Ryu’s birthday it was a huge turnout. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to my family and friends that helped us out. I really enjoyed setting everything up for Ryu even if it was a little bit hectic. It was a nice big birthday bash for Ryu’s 1st event. I’m hoping to do something like this when he’s a bit older. I’m hoping to do something like this when he’s 5 when he can actually tell me what he wants to do for his birthday party and invite his set of friends. Otherwise, next year we’re probably just going to take him to Disneyland.

Lake Balboa

11 mo. milestone

  • Ryu can fully walk
  • He can fully crawl
  • He talking jibberish
  • He loves his cookies
  • He can pick up tons of heavy items for his age
  • Fully eat solids

10 mo. milestone

  • Ryu can walk in short steps
  • He’d rather eat solid food than baby food
  • Can drink from a sippy cup
  • Almost done with formula
  • He can barely crawl (yes, I do know he’s behind on this)

9 mo. old milestone

  • Ryu understands what ‘NO” means
  • He can grab things and play
  • He can grab your attention
  • He knows what beautiful eyes; high five; and clap your hands mean
  • He tries to walk on his own
  • He can stand on his own
  • He can eat softer solid foods
  • He fully says ma ma and da da

8 mo. milestone

Happy 8 mo. to my little man


Happy 2 yr. anniversary to Romeo and I

  • Ryu can sit properly on his own
  • He can scoot himself, but not quite there with the crawling
  • He says “ma ma” and “da da”
  • Giggles and smiles a lot
  • Proper sleeping routine in the evenings
  • Ryu can stand on his own
  • He can slowly drink out of a sippy cup
  • He’s still drinking formula, and I can’t wait to start giving him whole milk
  • He doesn’t use a pacifier ever which is good.
  • He loves his soup!