This site is mainly based around my son Ryu. I created this site to document him outside from my main website due to my constant rambling about random crap on there. I then decided it was time I separated blogging about my son so that I can concentrate mainly on one thing when it comes to this site, and that’s him. I figured I’ve been blessed with a precious gift, a precious angel and there’s nothing more I love than him. I love that I can share his growth with all of you including my friends and family. I’m pretty bad at scrapbooking anything so I’ve decided to just blog online.

If you all were wondering to find out a little bit about me my name is Abby. I’m also a personal blogger at http://dirtontherocks.com. I’m not a SAHM even though it would be nice to be able to watch Ryu all day. I am a single mom, but I still get financial help and support from Ryu’s father Romeo. We do still currently live together in the same household in Southern California. I guess I have it pretty good compared to a lot of other broken families. I’m blessed because Romeo’s a great father and wants everything and more to be a part of me and Ryu’s life.

I guess I would consider myself a “momblogger”, but I like to consider myself as an amateur writer. I absolutely just jotting down random thoughts of my life and random thoughts about Ryu. I also don’t consider myself a photographer, it’s more like a mom who got lucky enough to get great shots of their child. I enjoy taking pictures of my friends, family, and of course Ryu. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and the journey I take you through Ryu’s life.

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