Musically Inclined

Ryu’s at the age where he’s growing into his own person. I know he’s starting to pick and choose what he likes whether it’d be food, clothes, shoes, etc. I also am aware that as kids grow they’re brains are pretty much like sponges. They pick up on anything quite easily and they learn to register on a daily basis. Ryu’s at the age where between his father and I we both share a different taste and delight for music. I absolutely adore classical music, oldies, and some R&B (just to name a few genres). His father on the other hand loves hip hop and rap. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the music that he listens to, but for Ryu’s age I don’t think that it’s quite appropriate for him to listen to that kind of music. Obviously I’m already having a problem of trying to contain my “pirates” mouth around Ryu, adding on pretty violent music isn’t really the way to go. I’m not necessarily saying that hip hop and rap aren’t music, but for me I’d rather Ryu be exposed to something that can be quite stimulating and relaxing.

I want Ryu to be that child. I want him to be musically inclined and open minded to playing different type of instruments. I want him to see the beauty of music and how powerful it can really be. I’ve never been the type of person where my family forced me to play an instrument. If anything I’ve always been interested to try and when I did I guess you can say I failed miserably. Now I sort of regret not focusing myself with the violin or the piano. I want Ryu to have the option of being interested in whatever he wants. May that be the type of music his father listens to or what I listen to I just want him to fully understand and enjoy music the way we do.

What kind of music do you find appropriate for your child?


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  1. Nani says:

    I love that you are working on this with Ryu. Sae LOVES music and it’s so much fun to see them at this age and dancing or just loving the sounds purely just for the music. You should watch The Snowman, it’s an old Christmas movie but there is no real told story. it’s all film and music. Sae was in awe over it and dancing. My hubs thought it was boring haha. We let her listen to anything with no cuss words. There are shows that she will watch like Jacks big music show, he is a puppet who plays all types of music, Sae doesn’t really “watch” the show but she loves dancing and pretending to sing. she gets a lot of Jazz influence from being around my parents, and from me well I listen to anything, she loves K-pop because of it too.

    The hubs and I are both like you, we never got pushed to play an instrument and I wish we were. I always wanted to learn to play something so we are going to have Sae take some piano lessons when she is older. Are you going to have Ryu play an instrument?

    • My family is VERY musical, and all of my sisters grew up surrounded by music of all types. Consequently, we all have very diverse tastes, and I hope to spread that to our daughter. Baby Shortcake listens to classical and opera during her nap, and we have a large collection of kids music cds that we play. I love to listen to 1940s big band, 1950s jazz and 1960s shoo-wop, and I throw in some good Michael Jackson hits for baby-mommy dance parties. I play the piano and guitar, and my daughter gets the chance to play on my piano almost every day. For Christmas we’ve bought her a little keyboard and “electric guitar” made for babies! 🙂

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