Sippy cup me..

Instead of just posting random pictures I actually wanted to write about Ryu’s transition into using a sippy cup rather than a bottle. His pediatrician had advised that Ryu should completely be off the bottle by the time he turns a year old. Honestly, it’s sort of our fault why we’re taking our precious time. Ryu’s 15 mo. old and he’s still on the bottle. The funny part is that if you give Ryu a sippy cup he knows how to drink out of it and he’s not quite picky. However, in the evenings when he knows he’s about to sleep is really the only time he gets fussy for a bottle. I’ve bought him different cups that could possibly appeal to him with colors and characters. The problem is Ryu actually would rather drink out of a normal cup with help rather than trying to suck his juice out of a sippy cup since he struggles with a hard top.

I guess the good part about the experience is that we’re slowly trying to transition Ryu into using a cup properly. He doesn’t seem to be struggling too much which is good. Below are a few tops I read online that’ll help push your child to use a cup rather than a bottle enjoy.

This all comes from

Some babies take to a sippy cup immediately; others take a while to get used to the idea. Here are some tips on making the transition easier:

  • Start off with a soft, pliable, nipplelike spout, which will feel more familiar to your baby than a hard plastic spout.
  • Show your baby how to raise the cup to his mouth and tip it up to drink.
  • Give it some time. Until your baby masters the maneuvers, you may want to put only water in the cup. When he shakes or throws it, even a sippy might not keep purple grape juice from hitting the carpet.
  • Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t use the sippy cup properly for a while. It makes a fine toy, too!
  • Try different models until you find one that suits your baby. Some cups have valves that are so effective at keeping the liquid from spilling that children really have to work to get a drink.
  • Encourage your child to use a regular cup when you think he’s ready.

Hope that’s of any help to you other mommies out there going through the same thing I am with Ryu.


One Response to Sippy cup me..

  1. Iiamsn01 says:

    I am having the same issues transiting Sae from the boob (trying to cut her off by the end of the month for good) and cups. we use a soft spout but she much rather bite it than suck and she hates the hard tops. She LOVES using a regular cup but like you said about Ryu she needs help or it would be everywhere.

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