Flashback Friday

This is a good post for Fridays due to the fact that lately I’ve been lagging on posting anything. This actually works out in my favor and I’ll be able to just strictly blog about Ryu all day long. If you’re wondering I do have tons of pictures of Ryu waiting, but I still have to edit them and  post them up.

Alright, these pictures aren’t really that old. They were taken sometime this month. However, I haven’t really gotten around to posting them due to me being sick and busy the last couple weeks. Can you all believe it’s already the end of October? Another new month is about to start and seriously I have no idea where the time’s gone by? I feel like I’m still missing out on some of the good or even bad days Ryu has. My baby is just growing up so fast and I’m not quite sure I’m ready for the small changes that has been happening here and there.

If there’s one thing I love it’s taking pictures of Ryu when were home. I feel like he’s more in his comfort zone and the great part about it is that he absolutely loves getting his picture taken. He seems to just sit there and pose for the camera. It’s also such a treat for him when you show him his pictures. He lights up like a Christmas tree and absolutely giggles to his own photos. Ryu I hope you appreciate being able to look back at your hundreds of pictures when you get older. You’re a wonderful little boy, what makes it all even better is that you’re all mine.

Like Nani’s recent post for her “Flashback Friday” she talks about being Sae being able to fit in an old sweater. The shirt Ryu is wearing in this picture was given to him by my sister (aunt/godmother) sometime earlier this year. The shirt was actually meant for 9 mo. old infant. I noticed that majority of Ryu’s shirts are for infants around 6-9 mo. I think it’s about that time we take Ryu shopping, and I can’t wait til Black Friday cause I’m going to make it a point that it’s Ryu’s shopping day. It’s about time we upgrade his wardrobe to much more flattering and form fitting clothes rather than clothes his tummy is sticking out of, haha. I love this shirt on Ryu, but I know I’ll have to part with this shirt since he’s just getting way too old for it. Anyway, enjoy some of the photos I took of Ryu at home wearing this Paul Frank top.


Just those rainy days..

This was taken sometime in the beginning of October. I never really got around to posting it until now. I love Ryu, and I absolutely love the outfit he’s wearing thanks to Nani for the windbreaker; Mykka for the Mickey sweater.

Daddy loves him so much

Windbreaker from Baby GAP, Mickey sweater from H&M, Pants from Walmart, and Shoes from Payless

There’s always gotta be at least one shot w. mommy.



I’ve been behind on posting on here and I feel so bad. I feel like I could’ve at least put some effort in posting a picture a day or something. However, I’ve just really been busy with this month. There has been tons of birthdays and dinners to go to that I’m still trying to catch up with the pictures. I’ve made tons of effort to take pictures of Ryu every other day or at least a couple days a week. My friends have also taken pictures of Ryu, but of course they lag giving me any pictures since they feel like they have edit it first before anything.

My birthday was last week and I just wanted to share a small outting my friends and I had before my birthday. They took me out to lunch with Ryu and then off we strolled around Chinatown. I didn’t get many pictures throughout the day, but I’ll share with you the pictures I have of Ryu and I. It was such such a nice small birthday lunch that I felt like I got to just spend time with some of my favorite people and of course my one and only love life at the moment.

To be honest I don’t think I could’ve spent my whole birthday week. My friends definitely made it such a great experience for me this year. I also enjoyed the fact that Ryu is more than a year old now and so he can walk and just enjoy life around him with me. I absolutely love that I got to spend my first year without having to go out with just my friends and drink all night for my birthday. I think this is the first year that’s made me truly realize that I’m definitely a mother now and all I want is to spend as much time with my son. Ryu definitely made my life so much more worth living. He’s definitely the apple to my eyes and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much more blessed in my life.

Ryu picking his nose while I was taking a picture with him, lol

a shirt his Uncle Olah gave him

I had such a good time just just spending quality time with friends and my little man. I can’t wait til next year and I’m hoping to get even better quality pictures by then. I love you little man and than you for making my birthday experience this year much more spiritual and emotionally mind boggling for me.

My Shoot w. Ryu

I mentioned I believe since last week that Ryu did a photoshoot with his Godparents. Unfortunately, I’m yet to see any of those pictures.. it’s nothing new to me they lag, LOL. Good thing I was able to take a couple pictures myself and I actually like the outcome of my pictures. I’ve actually seen the pictures that they took and I absolutely love them, but they were so unhappy with the outcome, which is stupid really. I don’t know if it’s because they’re perfectionists.. or they just see things differently.

Here are my pictures, enjoy! I definitely enjoyed taking these pictures of Ryu as well as editing them. I know they’re not perfect or original, but I love how they look. Sort of picture heavy.

Ryu w. Daddy

My little man

This pretty much concludes what I took that evening before the sun decided to set. I actually surprised myself with these photos. I mean of course everyone’s going to have those shots that were just out of focus or they hate, but I was really shocked with myself. These might not be the greatest photos, but I was very pleased with my pictures. I was thinking of possibly getting a T1I in the future or maybe a D90. I’m not sure just yet I’m probably going to do a bunch of research before anything.

Ryu in Pink.

Lately, I’ve been taking pictures of Ryu at home. When I get home in the evening I think to myself, why not take pictures of Ryu. It doesn’t matter if he’s just home or if we’re not doing anything special. I realized that everyday Ryu’s changing before our eyes, and we’re too busy to notice his slight changes. I’m sure you other parents out there can relate to what I’m talking about. I honestly didn’t realize the changes in Ryu until I looked at some pictures at work today. It’s almost like he wasn’t the same baby that I gave birth to. His features are starting to really show and his face is starting to change as each day passes by. Sooner or later he’s going to be starting school and I’m going to ask myself where did the time go?

Btw, I’m absolutely loving this program I’m using to edit Ryu’s pictures. I honestly don’t care that they’re not the originals off the camera. I think it adds extra touch to the images. I’m also planning in investing in a better DSLR overtime. My SLR is crap now, but you can see that it’s just doing the job fine for me for the time being. I’m not going to complain because these can get really pricey.

Tank from some small shop (grandmother bought it), Diaper is Huggies, lol.

I’m not going to lie being new to this parenting still is crazy to me. There are still a lot that I’ve got to learn and this little man of mine here drives me insane. Although, I can’t help but love him more and more each day. When Romeo and I come home he just knows to run to us and give us the biggest kiss and hug ever! He’s absolutely my world; our world. We wouldn’t really be who we are if it weren’t for Ryu entering our lives.

Ryu did a photoshoot a couple days ago, but his Godparents still need to edit the pictures. I also took a couple pictures that I’ll probably share sometime next week. Have a great weekend!