4 mo. milestone

Happy Birthday Ryu!

Bouncer courtesy of Ninong Jay

My little man is growing up so fast. I swear it felt like yesterday that I was still pregnant waiting to have him in my arms, and now here he is playing in his bouncer. Ryu’s been enjoying his bouncer and at first I was a little hesitant to just put him in it because I was unsure that he could support his upper body just yet, but I’m glad that he wasn’t having any problems. I feel like Ryu’s progressing properly with his milestones and what is to be expected at his age. It’s such a great feeling being a parent to be honest! Ryu’s the greatest kid ever!

Ryu’s Milestones:

  • He’s starting to do some minimal blabbing
  • He can fully support himself on his belly
  • He tries to reach up for his feet
  • He smiles and giggles from time to time
  • He fully knows who his mommy and daddy are
  • Ryu’s starting to teethe