2nd mo. old

At this point I’m still enjoying my maternity leave, but I will be going back to work in no time. I’m sort of excited to go back to work, but at the same time I’ve fallen so attached to Ryu that I feel like it’s so hard to just leave him. I’ve finally moved back home and learned to keep myself busy. When I was at my mother’s place I sort of felt stuck and I was just bored out of my mind. I sort of felt like no one could visit me since all I did was sleep and eat. At this rate I’m trying to get myself back on track by doing what SAHM’s do. I’ve been cleaning, cooking, prepping, taking care of Ryu and all that in a day’s work.

Ryu’s Changes:

  • He’s starting to slowly focus on me when I call his voice
  • Ryu can slowly push himself up.
  • He’s doubled up on the formula
  • He’s starting to sleep at a certain time frame which is good.
  • He’s slowly noticing his surroundings and getting used to it much more

Eventually I know with time and as Ryu get’s older it’ll be a little bit easier for me since I’ll be getting used to it with routine.


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