1st Mo.

This is the first month we’ve had Ryu at home with us. Actually, we’re not even at home yet. After I gave birth I opted to stay at my mother’s apartment for the time being since I was recovering from my c-section. I definitely needed all the help that we can get. With Romeo working and going to school it was hard to do everything myself, especially with the transition of being a mother.

So far with the changes this month I fell under the category of having postpartum depression. I’m not sure how many new mother’s out there actually experience this, but I never thought I’d actually go through this. I’m actually still going through a tough transition and I don’t know how I’m going to get through all this, but however I do I’m just glad that I have all the support I have at home. I’ve come up with a list of things that I’m going through as a mother. I also made a list on what I’ve experienced with Ryu so far.

Motherly changes:

  • I instantly dropped 21 lbs. the first week of giving birth. I still have a long way to go considering that I’ve gained over 30 lbs of unwanted weight.
  • I’ve been taking Vicodin for the pain due to my C-Section and I feel like all I do is sleep and eat.
  • I don’t feel so pretty at the moment and I’m not sure if this is just my depression talking or my self-consciousness.
  • I don’t breastfeed I’ve tried pumping, but even then I gave up on that because I just don’t have the energy to do that.

Experiences w. Ryu:

  • Ryu isn’t like most babies. He doesn’t seem to cry so often. Only when he’s hungry or needs changing.
  • I have however, experienced Ryu crying countless nights.
  • Still getting the hang of changing diapers. Ryu’s constantly going through diapers left and right.
  • Ryu has a mild eye infection that we had to get treated good thing it’s going away.
  • Ryu tends to sweat a lot no matter if the AC is on or off he just seems to be a sweaty boy.
  • He can go through how many bottles of formula or breast milk a day.
  • Ryu has a mild case of eczema

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