Baby Shower

I had the greatest baby shower ever! I honestly didn’t expect so many people to come, but I’m sure glad that they did. I got to fully enjoy my pregnancy on this day and having family and friends to join on the festivities with me makes it much better. I had to wake up bright and early with my mom to set up camp since we were unfortunate about reserving a bungalow. It was alright though didn’t bother me so much. However, my mom was sort of irritated because she was trying to be on time with all the cooking and preparations and well she was still running extremely late. I couldn’t thank my family enough for throwing me such a great baby shower! Being 8 mo. pregnant was really not the deal for having a baby shower out in the heat, but like  trooper I decided to just go with it anyway.

Here are a couple pictures from the shower. I’ve got tons of pictures, but I’m only posting a few just cause I’m way too lazy to put the rest of them up in any type of album.

Cake my grandmother got us, lol she put Romy instead of ROMEO

Mommy and Daddy

I had a great baby shower. My mom threw all these games that they won little prizes here and there. I also wanted to thank all my friends and family for the wonderful gifts that they gave us including the money we received. It honestly will help us a lot get prepped for Ryu’s arrival. It’s been a blessing having our friends and family support Romeo and I through all of this. We couldn’t ask for better people in our lives.


Baby Shower Preparations

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the preparations for my baby shower, but I will tell you that I was excited to see everything in the making. My mom had made all the favors from scratch and I thought that it was really thoughtful of her. She helped me a lot with the planning of the baby shower. My shower in total cost my family a little less than $500.00USD I believe. That’s what my mom was telling me from the decorations, to the reservations, invitations, food pretty much covered everything. I had my baby shower at a park somewhere in the valley and I’ll put up details on that in a bit. It was really nice, but the part I hated the most was that my shower landed in the middle of summer meaning it was super hot. I was a bit disappointed  with the outcome of the weather, but that was surely expected.

I kept the washcloths of course, lol

Fake decorative cake thing my mother made

I had actually put together the invites myself and printed them all out myself. However, I only have the text and what was on the template. Otherwise, everything else was on printable invitation paper you can get at your local office supplies store. My best friend Jonathan worked at Staples at the time and gave me a discount on some of the invitation paper. I would post how the template looks like, but I can’t even find the sample on Staples anymore. When I find the actual invitation I should take pictures of it and then I’ll post it then.

It looks so plain right now, but the paper we printed the information on was so cute. Also I had to blur out all the other information from my mom and best friend. Location was another situation. We opted for a park nearby that we actually enjoyed going to. The park that we chose was huge and we had to pay a good $60.00USD to reserve one of the bungalows. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any available since it was so last minute. We eventually opted to buy tents and set up camp at the park. That became sort of hectic and expensive since those tents were pricey.

Lake Balboa Park

6300 Lake Balboa

Image courtesy of Google Images