7 wks. 2 days

Finding out I’m having a little baby probably has been the scariest and most exciting news I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t think I quite know how life changing this is all going to be up until I have my little bean.

On another note it was scary because after finding out I was pregnant and going in for an ultrasound they couldn’t quite get a heartbeat. Dr. told me it was possible that it could be a false pregnancy, and honestly that’s really devastating especially when you start getting attached to the idea that you are going to have a baby. I opted to go to another medical facility because I was so unhappy with the idea that it could be a false pregnancy. I wanted to seek a second opinion. Good thing I did and here’s proof of my little baby that so far seems to be growing fairly healthy. 🙂 You’re amazing!

Expected Due Date: July 28, 2009